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Please use the “PDI_Target_AdobeRGB.jpg” for your initial monitor-profile and printing-profile testing workflow.

Adobe RGB (1998) is a specialized, high-gamut, device-independent ColorSpace for use in professional color-managed applications like Adobe Photoshop®.

Adobe RGB (1998) has nothing to do with monitor-type or printing-type ICC Profiles, ColorSpaces.

Therefore, any break in the color management chain will be obvious using Adobe RGB (1998).

More on “monitor matches print” tutorial:

What is happening with No Color Adjustment:
Photoshop's Adobe (ACE) Color Management System (CMS) is Converting the document's present ColorSpace directly into the Target ICC Profile entered in Print WIth Profile> Color Management> Options> Printer Profile (i.e. the Target Profile).
In other words:
The Epson Color Management (and ColorSync) are OFF, and Photoshop's Adobe (ACE) CMS is Converting the source file's ICC profile directly into the ICC Profile or ColorSpace entered in Epson's Printer Profile.

Adobe's genius Russell Brown has produced free movies QuickTime tutorials for Epson Stylus 2200 Printing (MAC ONLY!) halfway down his linked Tips page, including: "Printing from Photoshop CS" - "Printing from Adobe Illustrator CS" - "Printing from Adobe InDesign CS" - "Printing from Adobe Acrobat."


For brevity, I will recommend these Photoshop Color Settings in both Mac and WIndows PC workstations because they are the safest settings.
  1. Photoshop, go to Edit> Color Settings> Settings
  2. Set Settings to "North American Prepress 2" (to reset them)
  3. Then change Working Spaces> RGB to sRGB, and Working Spaces> CMYK to whatever you use. I used sRGB because it is the safest color space to work in.
  4. Then Save the Color Settings with a custom name so you can easily see if they are changed, below I named my custom set "sRGB_Default."

My original HONOR, ASSIGN, EQUAL points are very easy to PROOF in Photoshop using the low-resolution PDI test images I set up for this tutorial:
DOWNLOAD the (5MB) for Mac OSX & Windows PC.
iPhotoTESTfolder contains a collection of ten .jpg files — one reference image in five different Color Spaces in "tagged" and "untagged" pairs. I set these files up to effectively demonstrate how different color profiles, color spaces, gammas react on screen in both color-managed and un-managed applications.
Each Tagged-Untagged pair is IDENTICAL except the Tagged file contains an embedded profile, and its Untagged mate had its profile stripped.
The above 10 iPhoto test images are also useful to bring into in digital apps like Aperture, Bridge, Finder, Apple Preview, Lightroom, Final Cut Pro, iDVD, After Effects, Premier, Windows Explorer, Picture Viewer and observe how each application deals with various color spaces and profile information.
BOUNS: Here are five tagged high-resolution 300 ppi, 10-inch images for your reference library — AppleRGB, AdobeRGB, sRGB, ProPhotoRGB, WhackedRGB — including the full unaltered original PDI_Target.jpg PhotoDisk PhotoDisc PDI image, plus the GettyImages®, PhotoDisc® freeware license, copyright and production credits:
DOWNLOAD ALL THE PDI high-resolution reference images — now with WhackedRGB and ProPhotoRGB targets, including WhackedRGB.icc!

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